TCHS changes exhibits in two of our galleries 2-3 times a year.   The remaining galleries are host to several “permanent items” that can be enjoyed whenever you stop by the museum.   

Many of these items have a rich history and have been local favorites for some time.   Several of the exhibits have been recently updated and added to.   It’s worth a return trip to view the enhancements.

American Indian Artifacts:

This recently updated exhibit features some of the earliest residents of the area, the American Indians.    The exhibit features detailed information about the Haudenosaunee, or 6 Nations, including information about territories, war campaigns, clans, crafts, women’s rolls, food, tools, language pronunciation, dress, and wampum.  Artifacts displayed in the exhibit include stone tools, arrowheads, beadwork, and pottery representing Paleo, Archaic, Lamoka, and Woodlands Archeological Eras. 

Clinton Sullivan Campaign

Civil War Memorabilia - The Civil War was a very important event in the history of NY.   NY furnished more troops then any state North or South.  Tioga County NY soldiers were very actively involved in the War.    The total casualty figures of the war were in the realm of at least 620,000 dead.  The figure is likely lower than reality and of course does not take into account the hundreds of thousands who were injured.   Highlights of this exhibit include a haversack and a few trinkets that soldiers carried with them along with rifles, carbines, and swords. There is a comprehensive timeline of the 137th Regiment of NY.  TCHS is proud to display the Benjamin Loring jacket.  Other items in the exhibit include excerpts from “Letters home,” civil war currency, a Medal of Honor, a general’s commission, and other broad information. 

Monarch Motorcycle - Created here in Owego by Ives Manufacturing Company in 1914.

Horse Drawn Buggie - Manufactured in Owego by Ross and Moore. 

Flood of 2011, a perspective on recovery and damages sustained.

The Pumpelly Door - From the original Pumpelly Mansion - This doorway was presented to the Tioga County Historical Society by Mr. and Mrs. Charles F Johnson, Jr. of Johnson City, New York.    It was acquired by Mrs. Johnson in 1935 at the time of the demolition of the residence built by James Pumpelly in 1829.   Mr. Pumpelly was one of the the wealthiest and most prominent men in the Southern Counties of this State and erected the first brick residence in Owego.   This residence was erected at the corner of Chapel Street (now known as Academy Street) and Front STreet.  The lot extended from Front to Main Street.  After Mr. Pumpelly’s death in 1845, his eldest son George J. Pumpelly lived in the house until his death in 1873.  The house was then purchased by Mr. Pumpelly’s daughter Mrs. Wordsworth Thompson.   In 1884 the home was purchased by William C. Renwick of New York City.  Mr Renwick resided there until 1896 when the property was purchased by Mr. James Forsythe.  This door separates the upstairs hall area from one of our main galleries.   It is also the very first artifact placed in our museum and was installed even before the building was finished.   It’s the only surviving piece of one of Owego’s earliest and grandest mansions.  Built in 1829 and torn down during the 1930’s Depression, it had stood at the corner of Front and Academy Streets, less than a block away.

Fire Station #5 - Fireman Chandelier - This piece, hanging in our main gallery, speaks for itself.  Originally in Owego Fire Station #5, the chandelier was donated to the society and became a main fixture from the very first day the museum opened in August 1960.   There is debate on the origins of the chandelier maker, though some believe it to be a Tiffany.


Permanently on display in our Main Gallery

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