August 2013 - TCHS would like the thank Andrea Myklebust, a spinning wheel collector and devotee, for her generous donation of this Farnham-style accelerator spinning wheel from 1825.   This 5 legged spinning wheel is a patented piece.    Andrea donated the wheel to TCHS after she painstakingly restored it.    (Andrea and wheel pictured above, to the right).  The Farnham family are one of Tioga County’s renown families.   Several members of the Farnham family designed and crafted spinning wheels (among other items).  Joel Farnham was one of the first pioneers in Tioga County.  After arriving in the Owego area in 1792, he eventually went on to own several hundred acres of land.  Using his skills as a wheelwright and cabinet maker, he built a dam and erected manufacturing and finishing mills for crafting spinning wheels, wool carding, cloth dressing, and other domestic items.  He was an avid “inventor.”  Among his contributions were a turning lathe for making wooden utensils, cider mills, and a horseless carriage propelled by strong springs.  Many of these contributions were essential for the well being of early settler’s lives and his business provided wagon loads of wares for many of the surrounding areas.    The Farnham’s have left quite a legacy in Tioga County.  Many Farnham descendants still own property that was originally owned by Joel Farnham.

June 2013 - TCHS would like to thank Pam Anderson and her cousin Matthew McMaster Marquet for their generous donation of an original Sheriff's bond written by James McMaster in 1791.  This bond, which was kindly restored by Pam at no cost to TCHS, was presented to the museum this June.  Pam said the bond was passed down from her Great Great Great Great Grandfather James McMaster to her cousin Matthew McMaster Marquet.  Pam also brought a transcript of the document for our archives.  We greatly appreciate the gift.    (Pictured above - Left - Pam Anderson and Assistant to Director, Lauren Truesdell).



TCHS is proud to present some of the museum’s recent donations.